Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, open-minded, fun and committed orchestra, with members from diverse backgrounds, united in their passion for learning and playing orchestral music. We encourage and develop amateur musicians, including those returning to music, in both rehearsals and regular concerts, supported by young emerging professionals.


LEO also prioritises providing both emerging soloist musicians and composers the opportunity to collaborate with the orchestra. Our audience reflects our membership diversity but we continually strive to promote access to orchestral music – reaching out to the Londoners who don't believe classical music is for them.


We are very proud to have obtained charitable status in 2018. Additional funding is crucial to allow us to develop the orchestra, focusing on targeting new audiences in new exciting venues and enhancing our collaboration with young professional musicians. We are committed to promoting education within the orchestra, with 'side by side' rehearsals and concerts encouraging amateurs to flourish and young professionals to support in a friendly environment.